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Broad, Germantown and Erie is one of the most dynamic parts of the city. The intersection is a public transportation hub and shopping district, with remarkable architecture, rich history, and a strong community. In the summer of 2023, Treasure Philly! will partner with community groups and residents to explore ways the City's Historical Commission can document and honor the neighborhood.

What is a cultural resource?

Cultural resources reflect the living heritage of a place and provide a sense of identity for communities. They are part of history and part of the present. Cultural resources can be things like buildings, performing and visual arts, festivals, music, businesses, and food. During the pilot, the Treasure Philly! team will work with members of the BG&E community to identify places, traditions, and stories that matter most to them.


Who will use the information gathered through treasure philly?

Information collected during the Treasure Philly! pilot phase will be accessible to the public online and can be used by all community members and professionals, including community leaders, city planning officials, preservationists, policy makers, historians, activists, artists and arts organizations, and anyone who is interested in Philly's culture and history.

By documenting cultural resources, community members and policy makers will be better able to consider decisions that impact neighborhood change. They can also use the information to help those who live and work in Philadelphia honor the cultures and places that they value. Treasure Philly! will be important in understanding histories and resources that may be under threat or previously unrecognized.


How can I participate?

The ultimate goal of Treasure Philly! is to ensure that each neighborhood and culture in the city is appropriately remembered, respected, and celebrated. With this in mind we are looking to neighborhood residents and leaders to help us lead the surveying process. From elementary school kids to elders--we want to engage a wide array of people to collect stories and history from people in their neighborhood.

who is leading treasure philly?

The Philadelphia Historical Commission: The city agency tasked with identifying and protecting Philadelphia's historic resources is working alongside:

The ROZ Group: A planning and project management firm that prides itself on working with communities to ensure that everyone has a voice in the important issues that affect us as citizens and human beings.

Little Giant Creative: A full service creative agency that develops and applies intentional and thoughtful strategies to a variety of endeavors that connect to the diverse tapestry of the population.

Partners for Sacred Places: A nonsectarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to sound stewardship and active community use of older sacred places across America


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