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Glossary Of Terms
Assistance Programs

Basic Systems Repair Program

The Basic Systems Repair Program (BSRP) provides free repairs to correct electrical, plumbing, heating, structural and roofing emergencies in eligible owner-occupied homes in Philadelphia.

Habitat for Humanity Home Repair Program

Habitat Philadelphia’s Home Repair Program builds on Habitat’s traditional homeownership model using affordable payment options, sweat equity, and volunteer labor to serve current low-income homeowners who are struggling to maintain their homes, make necessary critical repairs, or pay their utility bills.

Guides & Manuals

Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual

A practical guide for homeowners.

Technical Preservation Services, Preservation Briefs

These NPS Publications help historic building owners recognize and resolve common problems prior to work. The briefs are especially useful to Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program applicants because they recommend methods and approaches for rehabilitating historic buildings that are consistent with their historic character.

Weatherizing and Improving the Energy Efficiency of Historic Buildings

Weatherization means implementing cost-effective measures to make a building's envelope more energy efficient. Weatherizing a historic building requires undertaking those measures in ways that have minimal impact on the historic building's design and materials.

Philadelphia Register Map

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that the Philadelphia Register is updated regularly, and mapping errors are periodically discovered, therefore the online Register can never be entirely accurate. It is provided online as a courtesy, but is not the official Register. For the latest information on the Register, please call the Historical Commission at 215-686-7660

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