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BE HEARD! It's not too late to participate in March's Task Force meeting!

Here is a list of issues that have been identified by the Task Force members through the process so far. At March's Task Force meeting (3/15/18), which was open to the public, the Task Force discussed these potential issues. Task Force members and members of the public were asked to prioritize the top 12 issues that the Task Force should address in the coming months.

If you were not able to attend March's meeting, the activity is available here until April 13th.

** If you previously attempted to leave comments and received an error message, it was owing to an accidental default to a low character count. That character count maximum has been increased to 1500 characters. If your comments are longer than that, you will receive an "Failed to Submit" error. If you would like to leave a longer message, please email us at:

You can find the meeting agenda here.

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